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About me

My name is Domenic Staelberg and I am a social media influencer and automotive photographer with a strong professional background in marketing and analytics.  A few years ago I decided to start @Staeldo on Instagram to share my passion for supercars and photography with others. 

Since then, I managed to grow the account to over 100,000 followers with an average weekly reach of more than 100,000 accounts and 500,000+ impressions. In addition to the Instagram presence I started building a following on YouTube as well. 


Over the years I have collaborated with numerous prestigious brands like Ferrari North Europe or Mansory UK, as well as dealerships like HR Owen Ferrari, and a variety of private individuals and collectors.  

If you would like to collaborate with me, require professional stock images of your inventory, want great pictures of your private collection or need advise on how to build a brand on Instagram, get in touch now!


"Capturing the most exotic cars around the world"